Monday, October 31, 2011

This makes me think... about devoted friends.

Particularly when I am worn out by the upsets of the world, I cast myself without reservation on the love of those who are especially close to me. 

I know that I can safely entrust my thoughts and considerations to those who are aflame with Christian love and have become faithful friends to me. For I am entrusting them not to another human, but to God in Whom they dwell and by Whom they are who they are.

---St. Augustine, Letter, 73, 3, as found in "Friendship is Godlike"in Augustine, Day by Day.


  1. That is so beautiful - really wonderful and great to see today.

    I think about devoted friends as well and I also think of how we are called always to treat each other with dignity, respect and kindness... something that does not always happen in real life or in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for this, I am going to print it out!

  2. I have found Fran to be a friend whom I can trust with my spiritual heart. Your post is so true.

  3. This is so true and appreciated. It is a special kind of relationship, indeed.


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