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Among Women ReadHER 10.15.11 Lotsa random H's: HPV, Hospitality, Halloween, & the Holy Father...

Among Women ReadHer

The Holy Father's Catechesis on Prayer: Psalm 23
Translated by Diane Montagna
Each week, at the General Audience on Wednesday, the Pope visits and prays with pilgrims from around the world. His recent messages have been on prayer, and last week, he spoke about Psalm 23. Some beautiful reflections on the images contained in that psalm are captured here.

"I Wouldn't Give You $5 for the Whole Operation..."
Tom Crowe at
A well stated posture we need to have about the Catholic Church in light of another the indictment of the Bishop of KC, MO... good insight here.

The HPV Vaccine -- Not for "Little Girls"
--Kathleen Berchelmann, MD at
Given all the discussions about it in the press, I really appreciated the health information synthesized by the Catholic Medical Association. 

A Special Mother is Born - a new book!
--Leticia Velasquez, from her blog, Cause of Our Joy
A new book, edited by Leticia, is a wonderful anthology of essays and stories for parents of children with special needs. You may recall Leticia's visits on AW back on episodes 6 and 30.

Singles: "Entrust your future to the Lord."
--By Bishop Rhodes
That's a word for all of us! 

By The Crescat (Katrina Fernandez, now over at Patheos)
This came out while I was away, and it continued to get traffic into this week. 

New Love, New Vocabulary
--Elizabeth Duffy
A new columnist over at Patheos manages to take on marriage, fidelity, and the new missal translation all in the same article.

I Just Went to Get My Hair Done (and saved a baby from abortion instead.)
--Kelly Clinger from
Ever notice how freely women speak to each other at the hair salon? I mean I have had some pretty amazing conversations with complete strangers there over the years. Just sayin'. You never know when the moment will come where God puts you in a situation to just speak up, with love, and with compassion for the woman next to you. 

Costumes For Kids Can Send the Wrong Message
--Mary Beth Hicks at Family Events
Halloween celebrations -- and the "appropriate" costumes for children! -- are a mixed bag in our society. Mary Beth has some straight talk on the subject.

My Nouveay Traditional SAHM Lifestyle and Amanda Marcotte's Exploding Head
Simcha Fisher at her blog at National Catholic Register
Simcha's covering a lot of important ground here as we look at motherhood, women's roles, and the culture. See what you think.

---Lisa Hendey at Faith and Family Live!
Lisa walked right into the arms of a spiritual mother cared for an nurtured her without reserve. Let us take notes. (Also, see Lisa's forthcoming book found in the video trailer below.)

The book trailer for Lisa Hendey's newest title:
Be looking for Lisa Hendey's conversation with me "Among Women" coming up soon!

Other Books I can heartily recommend:
Here are two reviews for "Catholicism" from Fr Robert Barron that you've heard me brag on...
from Kathryn Jean Lopez & Maria Johnson

And here's my own take on Brandon Vogt's "The Church and New Media", which I subtitle The Catholic Tourist's Guide for the Digital Continent.

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