Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check out Among Women's pro-life resources: Get the real story from women about what's important to them!

October is Respect Life month, and while it's still October, here's a reminder about previous Among Women episodes that speak to life issues. Each episode has its own page that lists links to resources that respect life.
The following four episodes are no longer downloadable, but can be listened to online on the Among Women website. 

Among Women 29 -- Guest Kathleen Fitzpatrick chronicles her journey of becoming pregnant as a college student and dealing with her process of acceptance, and her choice to give birth to her son and raise him as a single mother. Statistics show that 10% of all college aged women become pregnant every year. That's why Kathleen's story is so important, and why we need films and information that reach out to women in that age group that accounts for 45% of all abortions. (<--note: this link opens a .pdf file)

Among Women 30 -- Guest blogger and pro-life activist Leticia Velasquez discusses respect life advocacy and building the "culture of life". She gives valuable tips on how average citizens can stay informed on issues and awareness.

Among Women 28 -- Guest Merry Nordeen pioneered the "choose life" specialty license plates now available in Massachusetts. Merry also discusses how the initiative can come to the other states in the Union.

Among Women 40 -- Guest Earline Tweedie shares her faith story and her experiences of raising a son with Downs Syndrome.

The following episodes are available on iTunes or at the Among Women website.

Among Women 65 -- Guest Patti Harrison, a medical chaplain, discusses the spiritual perspective surrounding "end of life" issues.

Among Women 74 -- Guest Jessica Schacle, then a high school student, discusses her reasons behind her pro-life advocacy. This episode also features teaching on the Church's profound understanding of the dignity of the human person.

Among Women 75 -- Guest Dr. Theresa Burke, an international expert on post-abortion stress and healing, as well as a clinical psychiatrist, discusses the process of healing after an abortion. Many great resources are available through Rachel's Vineyard.

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