Saturday, October 22, 2011

Among Women ReadHER 10.22.11 You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll read, you'll wonder.

Among Women ReadHer

The Lessons of St. Gerard
by Sarah Reinhard at Snoring Scholar
We passed St. Gerard's feast this week, but it's never too late to give praise to one of the great patrons and advocates of mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere. You'll find Sarah was an AW guest way back in the earliest podcasts -- AW 11 -- and she recently added her comments to our special rosary edition. Speaking of patrons, Sarah has been one of the great ones of this podcast, a debt I cannot repay save to ask you to check out her new books and blog

Prayer and Theology
by Dr. Anthony Lillies from his blog Beginning to Pray
Yeah. What he said. 

The Evolution of Organic Sex (Part of an ongoing series.)
by Dr Tim Muldoon, from his column at Patheos
A bit of theology and a bit of history puts where we are today in perspective.

Revolution is Calling
by Elizabeth Scalia, her weekly column on Tuesday at First Things
Weighing in on more than just Occupying Wall Street... 

Robert Downey Jr Asks Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson
by Frank Weathers from Why I Am a Catholic
One of the best pieces I've read on this subject. 

What an MBA and a Spiritual Director Taught Me about Being Overwhelmed
by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary
Still blogging at Conversion Diary, and NCRegister, I'm in awe of Jennifer's prolific output... not just prolific, but well-balanced, meaningful posts time and again. Gotta get her to visit us Among Women... not that I want to add to her stress or anything...

Our Catholic Faith at Work 
by Randy Hain at The Integrated Life
Always a great writer on the subject of faith "on the job", here's Randy's latest post.

Easier Than You Think
by Elizabeth Cosgrove at Virtuous Planet
Taking it from being single friends to being "in a relationship" for 6 months.

Protestant Pumpkins
by Hilary McRee Flanery at Catholic Lane
This is one of those sad-but-happy pieces that you really can't make your mind up after you've read it, but you decide it's a lovely tribute to the Catholic life well-lived-even-when-we-live-it-awkwardly all in the same moment. May God bless the Sacramental Soldier, and this beloved family who will dearly miss this young boy.

Notes from A Dragon Mom
by Emily Rapp in the NY Times
It is not often that I would dare post two articles that talk of the early demise of children, however, this article is powerfully poignant for all families who deal with disease and the challenges of a poor prognosis for their loved one. Let us pray send up a prayer for the families involved.

The Mighty Macs: More than a Game
by Maria Morera Johnson, of the Catholic Weekend Podcast, at Patheos
One of my delights at the CNMC was sitting next to Maria -- former hard-core high-school hoops star herself -- and my pal, Lisa Hendey, at this pre-screening. What fun! What a game! 

And finally, some "coming attractions" ... this video not only talks about next year's 50th anniversary of the start of Vatican II, (FYI, it also is the 20th anniversary of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church), it just so happens that this will also kick off amid the Pope's gathering of the Synod of Bishops whose theme will be on the New Evangelization... again, all this coming next October 2012. See how our Pope thinks with Augustine: our faith is ever ancient, ever new!

Buckle up!

If you have time, go read the Pope's letter announcing it. As a theology geek and a catechist, I think this rocks!

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