Saturday, March 3, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 3.3.12 ... Jesus, families, faith, miracles, poetry, motherhood, suffering...

Among Women ReadHER 
By Marcia Morrissey from her column at Patheos

By Karen Rinehart at Catholic Lane
Oh, sooo humorously familiar. 

By Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress
I like this piece for so many reasons. There's a reference to one of my favorite beaches in the world that I know so well, there's a great music video, and a meditation by Benedict XVI. And there's this... about hurt and pain we bring to others, and its remedy.

Posted at Vatican News
So says the Pope and his bishops. This in the prelude to Benedict XVI's coming trip to Milan for the Seventh World Meeting of Families in May. 

By Mary Beth Hicks at
In the wake of the tragedy of another shooting rampage at a school, let us pray for the dead and their families, and let us re-double our own efforts to bring faith to life.

By Maureen Locher
Just this week I was at a women's group meeting where I was talking to a woman I've known for years.  We have middle children the same age. The only difference is that her son died 4 years ago. She has never recovered from this grief. We must keep our hearts tender toward those who have lost children, and if we ourselves are in this situation, all we can do is repair to Our Sorrowful Mother... which is what we were doing at that meeting... praying this rosary.

By Maria Morera Johnson at Catholic Lane
SQPN co-host from Catholic Weekend is a poet in her spare time. She's writing now at Catholic Lane. This one reminds me of the spiritual friendships I've observed between saints, such as between St. Francis of Assisi and St Clare, or St Clare and St Agnes of Prague, and others. Maria was a recent contributor AW's Special Edition for Lent.

Posted at Fox News
A story of a young woman surviving a car accident and a coma, and now sharing her faith on national television and in a book.

By Emily Stimpson at OSV
How well are we engaging the culture? In many cases, not well enough. Very important commentary on the dearth of arts and letters that speak of a Catholic Christian worldview.


For the foreseeable future, it is likely we will discussing the HHS Mandate's affect on Catholics (and others) and themes of religious liberty... so I'll keep posting the things that add to the discussion... but now I'll just keep them grouped as below...

By Lisa Mascaro at the LA Times
Oh, sadness. 

By George Weigel at The Denver Catholic Register
Ultimately, this piece figures into the current religious freedom issues at hand with the Obama administration, but Weigel presents an interesting history lesson with regard to the Church's position on religious freedom (especially since Vatican II) and how it intersects US politics today.

By Robert George, Sherif Gregis, and Ryan T. Anderson at the Witherspoon Institute
I highly recommend this article.

This is strong homily on the subject of religious liberty from Fr. Sammie Malletta from Indiana. It's 11 minutes. Watch it and pray for our priests and bishops to stand up for what it right. Then pray for us to stand alongside them.

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