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Among Women ReadHER 3.31.12... Papa Benny, Cuba, confession, sex, weirdness...

Among Women ReadHER

First, a few posts about Pope Benedict XVI's Apostolic Visits to Mexico and Cuba...

You can read his addresses and homilies on these trips here. There were lots of my favorite quotes, but here's one to give you a taste:

Dear friends, do not hesitate to follow Jesus Christ. In him we find the truth about God and about mankind. He helps us to overcome our selfishness, to rise above our vain struggles and to conquer all that oppresses us. The one who does evil, who sins, becomes its slave and will never attain freedom (cf. Jn 8:34). Only by renouncing hatred and our hard and blind hearts will we be free and a new life will well up in us. 
Convinced that it is Christ who is the true measure of man, and knowing that in him we find the strength needed to face every trial, I wish to proclaim openly that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. In him everyone will find complete freedom, the light to understand reality most deeply and to transform it by the renewing power of love. 
The Church lives to make others sharers in the one thing she possesses, which is none other than Christ, our hope of glory (cf. Col 1:27). To carry out this duty, she must count on basic religious freedom, which consists in her being able to proclaim and to celebrate her faith also in public, bringing to others the message of love, reconciliation and peace which Jesus brought to the world. 
If you only have time for one, read the rest of this one... pretty powerful words about religious freedom spoken aloud in Mass setting within a country with a communistic regime.
The Pope blesses image of Our Lady of Guadalupe...

He picked up a few new hats along the way...

By Maria Morera Johnson, a guest at my column at Patheos this week
I recommend this piece by my friend, blogger and co-host of SQPN's Catholic Weekend Show, Maria Morera Johnson, a Cuban-American, writing about subjects close to her heart.

Other goodies....

Vatican Approves a Blessing of the Womb
Posted at Zenit
Well, here's a powerful pro-life move! Yay! Will watch for more details in the days ahead.

Confessing Who We Really Are
By Lori Miller at Catholic Mom
A good one. If you still haven't gone to confession this Lent, let this be a loving nudge.

By Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress
When Elizabeth raves about something, I always pay attention. 

By Maria Morera Johnson at Snoring Scholar
Yes, it just worked out that way, here's another one from Maria, this time in a continuing series on the words of the Hail Mary, hosted by the delightful Sarah Reinhard at Snoring Scholar.

The Glories of Being Weird
By Emily Stimpson at
Another great take on life and love and simply being "counter-cultural" simply by living this awesome cannot-be-denied faith.

The Dark Night of the Soul: Or Why a Failing Lent Isn't
By Chris Capolino at Catholic Mom
Ok, might be the best piece from Chris ever. 

How to Pray with Your Spouse: 4 steps
Posted at the USCCB's "For Your Marriage" page
Some good advice.

Nothing Subtle About this Photo
By Mountain Butorac at Catholic Traveler
Just click on the link for a moment. Beautiful. 

Christopher Hitchins and Groaning During Sex
By Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic
If you've never read Marc Barnes, you might find that he is somewhat irreverently reverent... but he's young and he is on to a great career as a writer and apologist. 

Important Safety Information: Girls Around Me APP will make you tighten up your online privacy.

This song has a beautiful prayer within it: "Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours...."

10:50am: Here's a late update from today's Wall Street Journal:

When the Archbishop Met the President
By James Taranto at the WSJ
The continuing HHS Mandate saga...


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