Saturday, March 24, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 3.24.12... tap dancing, baptisms, serious stuff...

Among Women ReadHER
Stay informed on the HHS story...  

The War on Men
By Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online
Always on point.

Women and Religious Liberty
Kathryn Lopez interviewing Jeanne Monahan from Family Research Council on NRO
Ok, yes, giving you a double-header from Kathryn Lopez. So be it. It's worth it.

Religious Liberty, Blood Transfusions, Cigarettes, and Contraception 
By Janet Smith, PhD at National Catholic Register
Alway appreciate Dr. Smith's balanced and rational discussions of complicated subjects. Worth your time. 

Catholic Medical Association Doctors (who are women) Respond to Women Senators' Column
Posted at the Catholic Medical Association website
More worthy reading.


The Pope's Apostolic Journey to Mexico and Cuba
From the Vatican website
The list of the Pope's itinerary... coming up this week!

Suitable for Sex but Not to Marry
By Meg Meeker, MD, from her blog
Dr Meeker's commentary on a recent stats about single mothers.

Can "Good Faith" Still Be Assumed?
By Elizabeth Scalia from her column at First Things
The climate for polite discourse among people who disagree is increasingly a mine field to walk through. It takes very strong people, who value the human person who is both their opponent and a child of God, to find ways to engage in debate and dialogue.  

Not Alone
By Ginny Kubitz Moyer at Random Acts of Momness
Why we cry at baptisms. Love it.

Religious Easter Ideas for Kids
By Lacy Rabideau at Catholic Icing
Ok, she had me at 'resurrection rolls'...

Jesus and Me: It's Personal
By Katie DiFato at Faith and Family

Tap Dancing Seminarian leaves Broadway for a Ministry life...

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  1. Thanks for including my baptism post! So glad you liked it. Have a great weekend!


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