Friday, November 4, 2011

The F.U.N. Quotient - tweet edition

The names and identities of the twitter-ers have been deleted, to protect the innocent, and the guilty.

Take a look at trending topics and you'll realize why they have to write "do not eat" on dry silica packets.

If you're in Los Angeles and lost your wallet near the Starbucks on Melrose I found your wallet but not the $58 inside it.

Billion dollar idea: Make a prescription drug that gets rid of the side effects of all of the other prescription drugs.

I don't trust a taxi cab that has more than two air fresheners.

Speaking from experience, No More Tears shampoo does not work as advertised if you drop the bottle on a baby's face.

Roman numerals. What are they good IV?

If you know how many calories are in your donut, you're not eating it right.

We get about 25 screaming 5 yr old little girls together to scream nonstop at terrorists, BOOM, we win the War on Terror!

"I wish I could answer phone calls with my Walkman." -Steve Jobs in the 80's

"I just launched a new fragrance!" - fun way to announce a fart

I remember when social networking was something that happened in person. How awkward.

I don't care what the expiration date says, I have to smell it.

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm. TWO fart references in one week!

    Are you channeling your inner tenth-grader?

    Loving the laughs today :)


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