Monday, July 16, 2012

This makes me think... about marriage and life-long love...

Is it possible that entering into a once-and-for all, no-possibility-of-changing our minds, I-will-love-you-forever-and-you'll-do-the-same, promise to a person of the opposite sex can be an opportunity to see God face to face? Is it possible that eschewing temporary experiences of sex in favor of a lifelong promise to be faithful and loving to the other is fraught with meaning and a doorstep to eternity?
Let's be very clear about what's on the table: nothing less than an act of faith. Here's God's proposal: "if you choose to enter into a lifelong relationship with a person of the opposite sex, and choose to love that person in every moment of every day for the rest of your life, you'll come to know who I am and how I love the people I've created. It will demand all of you; it will demand sacrifice and conversion and transformation. It will demand forfeiting all your selfish desires but discovering beautiful shared desires. It will be a vocational call, summoning from you the difficult process of discerning when and how you will invite children into your world, care for aging parents, contribute to a community, reach out to others in need, build a future. Through it all, I will be with you to guide you, and you will find joy.

--Timothy Muldoon, "The McDonaldization of Sex 5: Sacred Sex", part of a series.

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  1. Marriage is a very important topic in our society now a days , as an individual we need to be mature enough and responsible before we enter in marriage life. I just got married last year with my Australian husband we just meet on a online dating website . We've been chatting for almost 2 years before he came here in the Philippines to marry me. I'm so thankful because despite of culture differences he still manage to understand me.He is my husband as will as my best friend.All i can advice don't rush time in searching for the right man . i will come to you in a right time .....


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