Saturday, July 7, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 7.7.12

Among Women ReadHER 7.7.12
Roberts' Rules
By Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision upholding "Obamacare", some commentary on the Chief Justice's reasoning.

A Soldier's Wife
By Calah Alexander at Barefoot and Pregnant
Maybe you've come across this "cause" (Battling Bare) on Facebook... military wives writing their spousal messages of love on their bodies in an attempt to shock and raise awareness that not all military husbands' get the help they need for post-traumatic stress disorder. It's powerful, novel, but is it too edgy in terms of propriety? It's a tough call for me. BUT, in my mind, vets not getting the help they need after they serve their country remains a greater sin.

The Dilemma of Worthiness
By Sarah Vabulas at Integrated Catholic Life
You've heard the phrase "YOLO" -- you only live once? More on that.

Optimistic Antidotes for Mom
By Patti Armstrong at
I always love Patti's in-the-trenches honesty -- one part giggle and one part common sense that I need! Hear more from her on AW 117 and a ways back on AW 39. 

Group Challenges Downs Syndrome Testing
Posted at Downs Syndrome Daily
H/T goes to my pal, blogger/author and pro-life activist Leticia Velasquez, who is an expert in the family, social, and political aspects of Down Syndrome... Here about her new book on the subject, on AW 121, and her conversion story and pro-life mission on AW 30.

Things You Should Know About Pinterest
By Fr Roderick VonHogen at his blog
Fr. Roderick, the CEO of SQPN, has been blogging more of late at this site, with tips concerning new media and evangelization. This post talks about Pinterest, which is very popular with so many women I know online. I'm on Pinterest... but not everyday. Would love your thoughts about it. In a related note, come see Fr Roderick speak, plus a great line-up at the Catholic New Media Conference this August... or get a virtual ticket if you can't come!

The Pill and Female Sex Drive
Posted at
Here's a group of young adults with a new website using blogging and video testimonies to bring about awareness and are launching a rebellion, in their own words, "that sex should be awesome and saved until marriage, that pregnancy can be justly avoided without harmful chemicals, and that love is worth fighting for." See what you think. 

The Saint and the Scapular: St. Simon Stock and Our Lady of Mount Carmel
By Kathy Schiffer at Seasons of Grace
Kathy recalls her journey through France and recalls this Marian title and saint held dear by Carmelites the world over. The Feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel comes up on July 16th.  For more on Carmelite spirituality, you may enjoy AW 109 with Erin Miller who talks about her faith journey and entry as a Third Order Carmelite. And if you want a podcast about my recent trip to France and pilgrimage to Lourdes, you can find the podcast here, and a photo-journal blog post here. 

Have you checked out the new Among Women website... now the entire podcast archives are fully downloadable, and you can listen on your smart phone!  (coming soon to iPad and other tablet formats.)

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