Saturday, July 21, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 7.21.12... CUA & Wheaton's collab on HHS, "dating", Olympics, What Women Want

Among Women ReadHER 7.21.12

Prayers for Aurora with the Office of the Dead
By Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress
Let us pray, pray, pray.

Philip Ryken and John Garvey: An Evangelic-Catholic Stand on Liberty
By Philip Ryken and John Garvey at the Wall Street Journal
The fight againt HHS mandate continues. In this article the President of Wheaton College (a major Evangelical institution) and the President of The Catholic University of America team up to file suit against the mandate. Stay tuned, and stay informed on this issue - a must for every Catholic. 

You can track all the lawsuits here (not just the Catholic ones.) 

Women Speak for Themselves is a cool initiative... please check it out.

Finally, if you missed Archbishop Chaput's Homily in DC on July 4th, go here and read it.

Bishops Welcome Inclusion of Conscience Provisions in a House Appropriations Bill
Posted at the USCCB
Read it for some encouragement. There's still a long way to go to make this happen.

In Defense of the 'D' Word
By Michael Hammond at the Catholic Portal at Patheos
I sent this to my sons; it's about dating. 

Abducted by Art
By Simcha Fisher at her blog at National Catholic Register
Some stirring commentary on art and comic strips and the state of weight and women. (On a related note, on AW 139 this week, we're talking to Ellen Austin about her comic strip creation, "Gracieland.") 

Should a Six Year Old Girl Be Trying to Look Sexy?
By Tony Rossi at Christopher Close-up
A good question... especially for the parents reading this.

What Women Want
By Barbara Kay at the National Post, reprinted by CERC
More commentary on the previous Atlantic Monthly article on the work/home balance for women.

The Miracle of the Violet
By Maria Morera Johnson at
If you pay attention, the little things in life have much to teach us. Over and over again. (This article is also available in Spanish.)

SQPN Announces an All-New Virtual Ticket to the CNMC
Posted at
Can't make it the CNMC in Dallas? This might be a great option to get all the talks, plus content from previous conferences delivered to you after the event.

Prayer, Faith Guide Maryland Swimmer in Quest for Olympic Gold
By Maureen Boyle in the Catholic Standard
Praying a Hail Mary before each race, and other thoughts.

Get your catechism fix here... with the cutest catechist on the planet to date... son of author and blogger Brandon Vogt.

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