Monday, February 20, 2012

This makes me think... really think about slowing it ALL down... Ahhh, Lent the time to be present...

Time to Be Present

Lord, let me find back
The lost treasure of time:
Time for gentle listening to a friend,
For sharing the play of a child,
For consoling a suffering person,
For thinking without strain,
For labor without pressure.
Time to delight in birds and flowers,
Blooming trees and lustrous green.
Time to enjoy music, friends, and meals,
Time to be silent and alone,
Time to be quietly at home,
Time to be present to Your mystery.
Free me from the tyranny 
Of time urgency.
Let time not possess me
Neither the pressure of daily concerns.
Let me not cram every moment 
With useful or exciting things
To do or say.
Let my life be a gentle preparation
For the pure and precious moments
Of listening to you
So that I may not drown
In the rushing waters
Of practical pursuits.

---Susan Muto & Adrian van Kaam, Practicing the Prayer of Presence, 1993, Resurrection Press.

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