Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recovery Stories on Among Women

We've all had our fair share of heartache, pain, illness, broken dreams, and abuse... and yet, somehow we know we've got to find a way to recover... to find healing, hope, and a way to carry on.

Let this be an invitation to hear stories of faith and inspiration from women who tell their recovery stories in their own words. There's something here for every woman.

On Among Women 21, Lisa Hendey, founder of and I discuss recovery from breast cancer.

On Among Women 22, Susie Weiss shares how a broken marriage can recover using techniques from Retrovaille.

On Among Women 29, Kathleen Fitzpatrick talks honestly about her recovery from a one-night stand that changed her life. The resulting pregnancy was hard to handle at first, but with the help of her family, she decided to raise her son as a single mother.

On Among Women 47, "Margaret" describes her recovery from repeated episodes of sexual abuse.

On Among Women 57, Sr Kathryn Hermes discusses surviving depression and her book on that subject.

On Among Women 60, Dr Ronda Chervin offer steps to recovery from anger and its effects as we discuss her book Taming the Lion Within.

On Among Women 69, Anastasia Northrup shares her recovery from verbal abuse.

On Among Women 75, Dr Theresa Burke, a leading psychologist in the field of treating women suffering from the hurts of abortion, and the founder of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, gives advice and a path toward healing. In a follow-up discussion, Dr Burke talks about healing from sexual abuse on AW 79.

On Among Women 87, Dorothy Consiglio talks about her recovery from an a car accident that killed two of her best friends, and severely injured her.

On Among Women 89, Ellen Gable Hrkach shares about her recovery from miscarriage.

On Among Women 97, Lisa Duffy of deals candidly with divorce and its aftermath.

On Among Women 103, Rosario Rodriguez describes her amazing recovery from a gun shot wound to the chest, and her even greater recovery in terms of forgiveness toward her assailant.

UPDATE ON 4.2.2012: On Among Women 129 & 130 Author Karen Edmisten unpacks advice and counsel from her new book After Miscarriage, A Catholic woman's companion to healing and hope.

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