Saturday, September 24, 2011

Among Women ReadHER 9.24.11... Facebook, basketball, defenses of marriage and pregnancies

Among Women ReadHer

--Courtney Crisp, at Busted Halo
Commentary on the ups and downs of "relationships" on Facebook.

Facebook Monitoring Solutions for Parents
--From Your Sphere, HT Lisa Hendey of

--Lisa Mladinich, from her weekly column at Patheos
An inspiring tribute to her Dad, and military personnel everywhere.

Jelly Beans and Other Things
--Maria Johnson, from Another Cup of Coffee
A most excellent missive on the positive effects of a woman's sports life. What Maria Johnson fails to say, is that she went on to break basketball records at her highschool, where she is a member of the Hall of Fame. So I'm telling you. She'll never know I told ya, she never reads this blog.

--Fr. Scot Hurd, at the Archdiocese of Washington's blog
A little saint history...

Rev. Pat Robertson: Trade in Your Alzheimer's Wife for a New Model
--Gerard Nadal, PhD, from his blog Coming Home
I've written on this subject earlier this week, and I like Gerry's well reasoned piece very much.

I Survived a Failed Abortion, Now My Second Baby is Coming
--Melissa Ohden, on
The author tells her "life" story. 

A Return to Repugnance
--Matt Emerson from his weekly column at Patheos
More pro-life reading... difficult subject matter on selective reduction.

St Francis de Sales on Pregnancy
--Melanie Bettinelli at The Wine Dark Sea
Thanks to Melanie for an excellent quote that I've never read before.  Pay attention to the last two paragraphs-- inspired! You might recall Melanie was a recent guest on AW 104, and 105, talking about raising the littlest ones in the domestic church!

How to Tell You are in the Third Trimester
--Simcha Fisher, from her blog at National Catholic Register
Read this for comic relief. Note to pregnant women reading this: Pee first before reading. You've been warned!

Don't miss this upcoming series, from Fr. Robert Barron, (a fav of mine). It. Is. FANTASTIC.  Washington DC & Maryland get a first peek tonight. But full schedule details are here.

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  1. I thought I'd already had enough laughs this morning. You contributed to the ruin of my nice clean desktop.

    And hey, I didn't even know you had a blog. I guess you've found the time in between all the stuff you do.


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