Saturday, August 6, 2011

Among Women ReadHer... 8.6.11- Vacation stuff, parenting, a movie tonight!

Among Women ReadHer

What Works: Vacation Advice from the Pope
--Phil Fox Rose, at Busted Halo.
If you listened to AW 105 recently, recounting my trip to GA last week, (or my trips last spring to Rome on AW 95  or Paris on AW 89 ), this will make a lot of sense. Vacations should have something that also helps us become re-created in Christ, if at all possible.

Are Aborting Mothers Victims? 
--Jill Stanick
It is an interesting question, but I come down on the side of mothers being victims because of the trauma that follows them -- most are never informed of the true effects of abortion on their lives and their other relationships (not to mention the obvious lethal trauma to the babe in the womb) prior to having an abortion. I wonder what your take is. 

Preserving Our Faith 
--Archbishop Timothy Dolan, from his blog in the New York Archdiocese
How many times have we heard various groups - or certain women's groups -- decry "the Vatican" regarding a church teaching in some shape or form? Archbishop Dolan offers a great explanation on why the Church's magisterium does what it does.

--Simcha Fisher from her blog at National Catholic Register
Take it from a Mom who's been there. Rock on, Simcha!

"Who Is Simon Miller?": Family Movie Night is Back 
--Lisa Hendey at
Hey! This is tonight! Thanks, Lisa!

The Privilege of Responsibility 
-- Michigan State's QB Kirk Cousins
A video on what he has learned playing in the Big 10. As a Mom, I think this is a great 7min. video to show the athletes in our lives. 

Modesty Helps Women Be Friends
--Jennifer Fulwiler, her blog at Nat'l Catholic Register
Very interesting angle on modesty. Read the comments too.

The Invisible Woman -- this is an oldie but a goodie. Moms: this message is especially good for you. 

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