Saturday, August 20, 2011

UPDATED: Among Women ReadHer... 8.20.11: WYD & Mercy, unholy families, time for Mom, #fb, & more

Among Women ReadHer
UPDATE: Mercy at WYD
--Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Catholic Register.
Lopez is one of the most insightful and gifted writers out there. Read it! (Sorry this was not included in the original post, seems I uploaded a previous draft that omitted this link.)  AW 75 talks about post abortion recovery.

When the Catholic Family is NOT Holy
--Sofia loves wisdom (pseudonym) at Vox Nova
The author discusses domestic abuse and violence. Important reading.

Longing for Loveliness 
-- Hallie Lord, AKA Betty Beguiles 
Here's a way to break out of a funk. Hallie was a guest back on AW 84.

The Issue is Always Your Relationship
--Tracy Transecost at Accepting Abundance
Oh, a goodie here.

Mom Time
Margaret Bern at her blog, Minnesota Mom
Go get some. If you read my article about M.O.M.S. this week, you'll know it's about my relationship with Mary and how she is the Mother Of My Sanity, etc.... however, my girlfriends --these other Moms --that Margaret talks about also keep my little boat afloat. 

Two Minus One: the shocking practice of singleton abortions
--Deacon Greg Kandra at The Deacon's Bench
A different take on selective reduction, sadly increasing. Same subject, different post by moral theologian Pia Di Solenni.

Two Women of Character
--Carolyn Moynihan at Mercater.Net
Noble women with great accomplishments. 

7 Stupid Mistakes We Keep Seeing on Facebook
--Ruth Manuel Logan at All Facebook
Important reminders here, especially for newbies to social media, especially for parents of small kids.

You Can Never Afford Them
--Matt Archbold from his blog at National Catholic Register
Poignant write up from a Dad confronting the tired question regarding his kids, "Are they all yours?"

Don't Miss This: "Beautiful For Me" - (sure it's from a Veggie Tales video -- still, a great song for girl in every woman's heart!) Artist: Nicole Nordeman

Here's another song from Nicole... a great praise song that brightens any day... two easy-to-learn verses! Sing it for all you are worth!

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