Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Word in Season: Dusty Mortality

Dealing with the messiness of mortality is the subject of this week's column, A Word in Season:

Getting in touch with one’s mortality is often a messy but necessary business. And it usually comes upon us in the harder times. There is the confronting of the pangs of bodily ills or limitations, but also the disorders of one’s soul. And it is often hard to discern which one demands the most attention. It is really hard to separate one from the other; on some level, you realize you must deal with the whole of it.
 The Catholic Church gets this about us and supplies what we need. As human persons we are body and soul. Both were designed for eternity. Both need to be tended-to as a unity, that’s why the sacraments are both supernatural (graces poured out) and temporal (uses of form and matter -- the prayers and the earthly signs of water, bread, wine, oil, vows, etc.)
 So, long before we come to our natural death, there are seasonal, weekly, and yes, even daily opportunities to grow in the grace of recalling, not only that we will die, but that we will live. The seed of eternity is found in our very souls. 
The rest is over at Patheos. 

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