Saturday, February 4, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 2.4.12 Catholics against HHS Mandate... saints, sex, the examen & more

Among Women ReadHER 
Note: Earlier this week you may have read my post containing a variety of links regarding the Catholic concerns over recent decisions within the US department of Health and Human Services rejecting conscience clauses within "Obamacare". 

Here it is: Helpful articles, video & action tips re Obamacare's affront to religious freedom and conscience

Take time this week to pray and evaluate your role in fighting initiatives that demean the dignity of the human person and promote a culture of death. As I've said in the past, this is not a political commentary blog... and yet... we've had many discussions on Among Women regarding the moral issues surrounding certain health care issues, respect life issues, and our role in the public square. This intersection cannot be ignored, so check out that earlier post for links on that subject.


St Philomena Encourages Youth to be Pure
By Eddie O'Neill at National Catholic Register
Another send up to this great saint. Hear about St. Philomena on the Among Women Podcast episode 103.

Sex and the Eternal City
By Kathryn Lopez at National Review Online
An interview with Christopher West about his new book on the subject of Theology of the Body and the new evangelization. A good read.

The Eternal Child
By Heather King at Shirt of Flame
Beautiful. Haunting. Real. Healing. (You can hear Heather King speak of her latest book about the life of St. Therese of Lisieux on AW 108.)

Why You Should Wear the Miraculous Medal
By Taylor Marshall at Canterbury Tales
An info-packed teaching on this great sacramental.

The Conscience and the Examen
By Marcia Morrissey from her column at Patheos
Here's a healthy spiritual practice. 

Pretty Happy Funny Real
By Margaret Bern at Minnesota Mom
Delightful pictures and commentary about her daughter's first confession.

Inside the Mom (of a toddler) Brain
By Lauren Warner at Sipping Lemonade
A picture is worthy of a 1000's words...  you will smile.

Happy Birthday Coffee & Canticles - Giveaway week!
By Daria Sockey at Coffee & Canticles
Divine Office enthusiast gives real life advice for praying with the Liturgy of the Hours. She's also giving away some nice books.

Say No to Competition (among women, friends, etc.)
By Meg Meeker, MD at her website
Great advice from Dr. Meeker!

Why Catholic Women Don't Make Good Mommy Bloggers
By Betty Duffy, guest posting over at The Anchoress.
Oh, this is rich. Like the way dark chocolate makes so much more sense to me than white chocolate.

And finally, this ode to the tech "symphony" (?) around many of us... H/T to Deacon Greg at The Deacon's Bench

Digitals from Chris Crutchfield
on Vimeo.

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