Saturday, February 11, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 2.11.12 Late breaking HHS news, Career/family balance, parenting, Valentine's angst & more...

Among Women ReadHER 

By the USCCB website
There is more to this story than fully being reported. Stay informed.
Don't miss this, either, a letter from the bishops.

I've added this to my bookmark bar.... to keep it accessible.

By Michael Brendan Doherty and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry at Business
This is just more consideration by many considering the outcry of the Church against the HHS Mandate.

By Ashley Crouch at First Things
Read and consider this carefully. The author refers to a brilliant chapter by Dr. Angela Franks in Women, Sex, and the Church, (add it to your library!), compiled by Erika Bachiochi, a recent guest discussing this book on Among Women 98. 

By Jennifer Abbey
Ok, that's not something you hear every day. Let's credit God for both the young model's journey, and the writer who cared to publish the story. 

By Robyn Lee at Catholic Match
Here, here! A post for the single un-attached! By Robyn Lee, a recent guest on AW 122, give her a listen! 

By the USCCB
From the I-must-live-under-a-rock dept: I didn't know that! When did we get that? Makes sense with Valentine's Day coming up.

By Brandon Vogt at The Thin Veil
A most excellent post - chock full of resources for your spiritual growth. I highly recommend them all! Bookmark and save for further exploration and digestion.

By Leanne Willen at
Awww... sweet reflection about the little ones. 

By Michael Medved in the Wall Street Journal
Here's an interesting angle regarding the recent history of the presidency.

By Mike Myatt at Forbes
Great advice for working women and men. It's simple, Mike writes: "If you focus on your family, your career won't suffer, it will flourish. Get this wrong and not only will your family suffer, but so will you..." 

By Sarah Reinhard
Got saints? Sarah suggests a way to pray with the members of the communion of saints that are important to you. Sarah was a recent guest on AW talking about advent, and talking about blogging and books and more, way back on episode 11.

By Lacy Rabideau at Catholic Icing
Yes, emphasis on Easy!

By Susan Brinker at Women of Grace
It's February and Heart Awareness Month. Some good reminders here on the differences of heart symptoms between women and men.

By Steven Ertelt at
It causes more guilt. Hm. Sometimes guilt can lead us to do the right thing...

By Frank DeFord in Sports Illustrated
Ok, I love this story of the love of sisters and the love of basketball. 

Why the French make better parents. 
I don't think this is rocket-science, but I do think there are helpful insights if you need some encouragement in the parenting of small children. Some of these simple principles are inherent in a lot of parenting techniques I learned from Focus on the Family, and others, who emphasized the authoritative role (not authoritarianism) of parents. There is a corresponding article. 

And finally, a little hilarity... The Crescat and Nuns... do click through to the link to see Kat's spoof of the now-famous dating service video of the woman and her over-the-top love of pets. I shoulda put it on the F.U.N. Quotient, but...

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