Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Helpful articles, video & action tips for Catholics re Obamacare's affront to religious freedom & conscience clauses

Note: This is not a political commentary blog. Yet, we've had many discussions on Among Women regarding the moral issues surrounding certain health care issues, respect life issues, and our role in the public square. Recent decisions within the US department of Health and Human Services rejecting conscience clauses within "Obamacare" touch us all. Take time this week to pray and evaluate your role in fighting initiatives that demean the dignity of the human person and promote a culture of death.

By Archbishop (and Cardinal-designate) Timothy Dolan of New York in USA Today
It's a brief article. Read it. Then watch a short video of +Dolan's criticism of the mandate. Are we peeved enough to act yet? Take action here via the US Bishops website.

By Bishop William Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport
Read on! Get educated and understand the source of this righteous indignation.

By Elizabeth Scalia at First Things
Elizabeth writes: "Now is the time for all good Catholics to come to the aid of providers-- the schools, hospitals, charities, and soup kitchens who serve communities in need without asking affiliations." 

By Frank Weathers at Catholic Lane
A comprehensive look at why we must fight this mandate. The reason to petition the White House at their site: "Why should I bother to help?” Simple. How many bishops are there in the United States? 145. How many votes do they command? 145. If only the bishops speak, and there is no other tangible sign of support from the rest of us, you know, backing them up, they will just be perceived as barking in thin air. 145 + 25,000, on the other hand, might just get a little more notice."

By Julie Davis at Happy Catholic
Even small business owners like Julie and husband will be affected, forcing them to bring up religion in the workplace and why they may have to drop health coverages. This article also links to the petition in Frank Weathers' article, above.

Current List of Bishops who Speak Out against Obama/HHS Mandate (115 153 at this posting)
By Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote.org
I'm sure this list will grow. Thomas also writes about other notable updates on this topic including a legislative move by Senator Marco Rubio to rescind the mandate.  

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