Saturday, February 18, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 2.18.12 Hugs, Lent, Love, oh yeah and the HHS Mandate.

Among Women ReadHER 

Every Single Bishop has Condemned Obama's HHS Mandate
By Thomas Peters at
Stay informed.

Contraception and Understanding: Rebuilding the Foundation
By Elizabeth Duffy at her column at Patheos
Absolutely required reading if you have pre-teens and teens.

Statistics, Obamas, and Internet Memes
By Michael Flynn at his blog TOF
If you've been wondering about the figure being tossed around in the media about "98% of Catholic women using contraception"'s bogus. You'll want to read this. It's a bit long, but really gets good about midway through it.

Lent is Next Week!
By Marika Donders, campus minister at the KSC blog
Marika gives some great suggestions... the best one: Keep it simple!

Lent and the Corporal Works of What, Now?
By Maria Morera Johnson, subbing in for "yours truly" at my column at Patheos
Maria Johnson challenges us to blast out of our comfort zones.

Lenten Link Up!
By Lacy Rabideau at Catholic Icing
Go imbibe!

Archbishop Dolan Makes Big Push for Twitter, Social Media in Rome
By Joanne Molloy at The New York Daily News
Rock on, Your Excellency!

Just Give Me a Hug!
By Anthony Buono at Catholic Lane
Just go on, you know you wanna...

The Witness of Beauty
By Emily Stimpson at CatholicVote blog
No matter what your politics, this is interesting reading. The fight for true beauty and the preciousness of femininity -- a combination of fashion modesty and creativity -- is something we Catholic Christian must lead the way on. I'm no fashionista by any stretch, but this piece strikes a cord. 

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