Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Among Women Podcast #127 Captive Hearts Now Free

Among Women 127 tells remarkable stories of the faith of women imprisoned for the faith in our "Blessed are They" segment, as it relates the passion and death of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, two martyrs who were jailed for their beliefs in Christ and executed in the arena. Their lives are forever memorialized in Eucharistic Prayer I, otherwise known as the Roman Canon.

In our "Among Women" segment, I bring an interview that is months in the making. "Tracy" from the sunny beach, is a longtime AW listener who came forward to share her story of faith and family triumph as she emerged from 8 years of separation from her husband who was imprisoned for a felony. Through her testimony "Tracy" talks about clinging to God's Word in the middle of the night, the sanctity of marriage vows, the power of loving friendships in the Body of Christ, and the reconciling graces of forgiveness.

"Tracy" reminds us that for every person who has ever served time, in many ways, their families serve the time too. Hear how she picked up the pieces and moved on one day at a time. 


  1. Wow. This was a powerful witness by Tracy. Thank you for being a lovely vehicle for her story.

    And thank you, Tracy, for sharing your faith. God bless you1

    1. Bego, I'm so grateful for listeners like Tracy who show a willingness to be witnesses to their faith, especially amidst their personal struggle. I'm exceedingly grateful for the trust Tracy put in AW to tell her story. Real life is always somewhat messy, but God can get us through anything.


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