Saturday, June 9, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 6.9.12 On forgiveness, helping hands, and making lunch...

The Church Pushes Back
By Mark Rienzi at National Review Online
An essay by a constitutional lawyer speaking in clear language what is going on with the upcoming courts cases regarding the HHS mandate. Very compelling read, and worth sharing with others.

Our Feather-Strewn Sins Can Teach Us Mercy
By Elizabeth Scalia at Our Sunday Visitor
Must-reading for your week. Wisdom from lived experience, the sacrament of reconciliation and a dear saint.

Wife Confidential: Why I make His Lunch
By Theresa Thomas at The Integrated Life
Hey! I love "love in a lunchbag" from home. Read Theresa's motives for making her hubby's lunch each morning. And if you'd like to hear Theresa, she guested on AW last fall on episode 117.

When Your Heart Hangs By A Thread
By Timothy Dalrymple at Philosophical Fragments
The beauty of life in full view in the pediatric ward.

Celestial Magazine
A new magazine for Catholic Women looking for Subscribers

The Gift
From's newsletter of encouragement, this post (very short) is worth the read. If you or someone you know is facing divorce, you may wish to listen to Lisa Duffy, co-founder of talk about divorce and hope on Among Women 97.

My Dream for My Daughter
By Denise Hunnell, MD at Human Life International
A good piece that upholds the value of womanhood and a reminder that fertility is not a disease to be treated... we can hope to have our daughters grow up without thinking their dreams rely on their fertility being suppressed or obliterated.
Are you opposed to sex-selection abortions? They are happening in the USA and only a few states have bans. Information at this website operated by LiveAction, complete with a video that reveals what's is being said on the inside.

Africa E-Book Project
Catholic author Brandon Vogt and others have a great project here. Consider giving your support to support seminarians in Cameroon.

Inspiration sportsmanship by a woman at a Track Meet in Ohio. State Champ helps a competitor after a fall. Two thumb up!

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