Saturday, January 28, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 1.28.12 ...HHS ruling... Mom stuff... Pope quotes... Stuff to make us think...Nags!

Among Women ReadHER

HHS ABC Rule: Anybody but Catholics Has Religious Freedom
By Sr. Mary Ann Walsh at the USCCB Media Blog
Read this and stay informed on this issue. 

Prayers for Women Approaching Labor
By Lisa Schmidt at The Practicing Catholic

To the Mother With Only One Child
By Simcha Fisher at her blog at National Catholic Register
This struck a chord with me, and many other women, judging by the combox at the end of the post. Oh, and Tom Hoopes gives the Dad's version.

Talk to Your Mother!
By Simcha Fisher at her blog at National Catholic Register
Yes, a double-header from Simcha. There are no rules here, I link what I like each week. (Re the post: If you're like me, you wanna write a post that challenges us to do a test study on the rosary's power to break bad habits. I bet others have stories like this. Go Momma Mary. Go Rosary.)

March for Love
By Tim Muldoon at Patheos
Read this one slowly. Then listen to your heart.

Girl Scout Leadership: Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Ideologues
By Mary Hasson at Catholic Lane
I was a GS for years. It was a great organization back in the day when I was young. But I've seen a slow decline in the moral values that were once characteristic of the organization. So I'm very troubled by the links on this post that just underscore that even more. 

Silence and Word, The Path to Evangelization
By Pope Benedict XVI
For those of us active in new media evangelization, these World Communications Day messages are important to read. But let me say that what strikes me as profoundly simple about this message is the implicit call to go deeper still in our personal communication via the dynamics of love, friendship, and  Communion. 

Pope Stresses Role of Spiritual Guides in Discernment (for vocations)
Posted by Zenit
The Pope emphasizes importance of priests and parents in presenting vocation options to young people.

Meet the Marriage Killer
By Elizabeth Bernstein at the Wall Street Journal
All about nagging. Some good suggestions for avoiding it, at the end of the article.

A City's Soul in the Balance
By Elizabeth Lev at Zenit
Commentary on the good, the bad and the ugly in NYC.

Lunch with the Girls
By Lisa Hendey at Faith and Family Live
Book it! 

Forgotten Relics Found in Buffalo
Posted by Fox News
Cool news story. Hope there is follow-up!

2 VIDEOs: Fr. Robert Barron comments on the recent viral video dealing with "Why I love Jesus and hate religion."

Miss the March for Life? Here it is in hyperdrive summary form...

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