Saturday, January 21, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 1.21.12 Sleepless... struggles.. quotables... politics..and bookishness!

Among Women ReadHER

By Amy Welborn
A warm reflection about her father's study, oh, and so much more, in the months after his death.

Politics as a Vocation: Mary Ann Glendon discusses the duty of all Christians to engage in public life 
By Christopher White at the National Catholic Register
I'm a fan of practically everything Mary Ann Glendon writes or shares. (Glendon is former Ambassador to the Vatican under Pres. George W. Bush, and a top lawyer in Church affairs and at Harvard.)  She's a woman who is a gift to the Church and to our country, always defending the normative place of religion in the public square.

By Arwen Mosher at Faith and Family Live
If you struggle with comparing yourself to other Moms around you, let Arwen's voice resound in your head.

Get a Good Night's Sleep: Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry!
By Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur at
A recent study shows lots of women suffer insomnia or put off sleep due to worries or stress. Patrice has some advice. Patrice was a guest on AW back in the early days, on episode 6.

Well Said: Being Childlike
By Julie Davis at Happy Catholic
Julie always pulls something of interest from her Quote Journal...this time it is one that I had read before but had forgotten from Madeline L'Engle... enjoy!  To hear more fabulous quotes, listen to Julie's conversation with me on AW 99. 

On faith
Posted by
Speaking of more quotes, I love these daily quotes from our Holy Father. 

Read about Project Inspired's Campaign to stop selling Cosmopolitan magazine to under-aged girls.
Sign the anti-Cosmo petition here.  H/T Teresa Tomeo, who recently guested on AW 118. 

Beatitudes for Parents
By Patti Armstrong
Patti posts a short reflection from Marion Kinneman -- it still rings true. Patti was a recent guest on AW, you can find that interview here. 

Tech Talk Tuesdays
By Sarah Reinhard at
If you are a gadget person with a smart phone or tablet, you'll enjoy Sarah's series at CM for recommendations for Catholic and family-related apps. I've linked to her archives. Sarah was a guest on AW 11 and AW 116.

Sure, I love to read online, but I also love curling up with good book. Here's a whimsical short video for book lovers...

The Moral is the Story: Flannery O'Connor's Wisdom for a Catholic Literary Renaissance
By Vaughn Kohler at the Gregorian Blog
This one's for all my writing buddies, especially in the Catholic Writer's Guild.

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