Saturday, July 30, 2011

Among Women ReadHer... 7.30.11: Sexy NFP, Prayer and Stress, Saint Therese, Internet Kiddos

Among Women ReadHer
--Ashley E. McGuire at AltCatholicah
H/T to The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia for this find. I'm a supporter and a user of NFP... using a symto-thermal method for much of my marriage, but switching to Billings method (BOM) when I hit mid-life. So far, so good. Okay, if this NFP topic is of interest to you, there's more conversation going on with Danielle Bean and with Rachel Balducci over at Faith and Family Live. Finally, you can hear previous episodes of AW on the subject:  AW 42 on the Creighton Model, and AW 46 on the Billings Method.

Seeing Through the Eyes of God: Therese [of Lisieux]
--Heather King at Shirt of Flame
Heather has a way of honestly listening to the heart, and actually sharing what she hears. Her book on St. Therese is coming out soon.

Technology Creates New Risks for Kids, Families
--Mary Beth Hicks at Family Events 
Parents: Stay informed. Now we gotta learn Google +! You may also want to read this one on how kids fool their parents about their online "life". (BTW, Hick's newsletter is worth subscribing to --very solid in the topics & info posted for families.) 

Stress: a Pathway to Prayer?
--Kathy Coffey, with a new column over at Patheos
Some excellent applications to daily life. (I'm not a fan of the yoga reference only cuz so many folks confuse it for a religious/spirituality practice -- or in place of it.) But the experience of deep breathing and using the other "techniques" for prayer are recommended by Kathy and by me. 

Cord Blood and God's Grandeur
--Simcha Fisher at National Catholic Register
I've been a proponent of this, being a cancer-survivor. The technology was not around when I gave birth, but I'm glad to see more women investigating this. Here's a list of places to donate cord blood.

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