Thursday, May 5, 2011

On Being A Mother

As we welcome the month of Mary and Mother's Day, my column, A Word in Season, turns an eye toward motherhood... and the transformation it brings to a woman's life.  Here's a snippet:

Speaking as a woman, I can honestly say that nothing has rocked my world as much motherhood. Nothing has brought me to my knees, or made me laugh uproariously, or confused or challenged me, or given me a glimpse of the Heavenly Father’s love, as being a mother.
With the arrival of her first child a woman undergoes a titanic change, a shift in identity and responsibility from what she was or did before. She is now forever a mother and in charge of the life of her child until it is grown. And after her child reaches maturity, she remains a mother in a more nuanced way. A child is a profound and humbling gift to receive; at the same time, the child is poised to receive everything a mother can possibly give.
Don’t let the parenting brochures fool you. This is a life of hard work and sacrifice.
The sacrificial side of motherhood first becomes evident during a pregnancy. A woman yields her body and wellbeing that a child may take shape and develop, as it changes her shape and her calendar forever. While a biological mother conceives and gestates and gives birth, it harkens to the fact that all mothers experience the physicality of sacrifice as they nurture and rear their children. The shedding of blood, sweat, and tears is more than an apt proverb.
Yet, motherhood is also a life of deep joy and renewal. Mothers are routinely awed and delighted by their growing children, as well as buoyed by their smiles and achievements. Often, when we lovingly gaze at our children, we are transported by belief in all that is true, good, and beautiful. And that is a very good thing. It bespeaks an encounter with the Holy.
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