Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My thoughts on this B-B-Big Church, over at Catholic Mom today

I'm over at one of my favorite websites^^ in the world today, Catholic Mom! And it's a little ditty about our world-wide connectedness as Catholics, as well as world-beyond-heaven connections...
My 21-year old daughter tells me she loves going to Mass at the Oratory in London. She says its a little bit like at home in some ways, but different, you know?  She went to Mass in Ireland recently and experienced the same thing. She loves the catholicity she finds. And I love it when I see one of my children come to experience a truth of our faith in a tangible way.  Indeed, we are part of a big church – much bigger than we dare to really imagine on any given day.
Soon my family will meet my daughter in Rome before she ends her semester abroad. I expect similar connections to be discovered in the Masses we will attend at St. Peter’s Basilica. There will be thousands of pilgrims there, and we’ll experience the Mass we’ve come to know at home in a new way: in Latin and many international languages during the high holy days.
I know just how my daughter feels. It is wonderful to discover that we are members of this amazing global Catholic Church. It is astounding to think that, at every moment of the 24-hour day, a Mass is being offered somewhere, touching every hemisphere.
There's more to it, here.

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