Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Outside the Box

Find my Thursday post over at the Catholic portal at Patheos, Summa This, Summa That God Outside the Box.

Here's a snippet:

Her conversation went something like this… “So-and-so is writing a book about her search for the meaning of life.  Her story line is, that having left her Catholic faith as a teen, she took the ‘best of’ from all the various religious practices she could find. Then she designed her own spirituality.” 
And so it goes.  Maybe you’ve encountered a similar situation in your own life, or with a loved one. There’s always a slightly different version of the same thing.
 A person takes their little God Box and fills it up with whatever suits them, inspires them, comforts or loves them.  Mix well and season to taste. Over time, they may dabble, or become connoisseurs of a kind of spiritualism, adding to or subtracting from the God Box according to their own improved recipe of personal relevancy. 
Read the rest here.

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