Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fun Quotient: Just some stuff that makes me smile...

On the art of moodling...

Oh! the glories of duct tape... 

Random knowledge, or perhaps somehow useful information...

And, before you get to the videos below,  I just love this brave, yet hilarious and excellently written post from Betty Beguiles...  (and don't miss her embedded link to Jennifer Fulwiler's post about the poop-fates.) It's a two-fer fer sure!  (Now, if this afforded you a chuckle, consider being a friend to someone in need and donate to the Beguiles' new couch fund.)

Here's what I need: Menopause parking!

Sometimes the old jokes that are embedded in your brain from your youth deserve a replay...

1 comment:

  1. BAHAHA! There should be some internet initials to convey that I laughed out loud with this. The dog is concerned about me. FTW!


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