Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fun Quotient: Singing the national anthem

As a woman who has been asked to sing the National Anthem at high school sporting events (usually in a pinch when the Glee Club members have conflicting schedules), I have a lot of empathy for these folks...   (but, sorry, little sympathy for someone who does not adequately prepare...)

UPDATE to original post: as per a request (from the combox) of my regular reader, Maria, I hope that your sensibilities are not offended with these botched presentations of "The Star Spangled Banner." As someone who has turned in poor performance now and then, I can be merciful towards folks who panic and mess up their big moment.  But again, there is usually never an excuse for not properly preparing, (i.e. not learning the music, lyrics, etc.)  After all, this isn't your shot at American Idol or something, it is the nation's anthem, and it deserves proper respect. Consider yourself  forewarned.

Here, let me make it up to you... push play and be inspired...

I hope you always join in and sing loud when the anthem is sung at local events... it really does help the singer do a better job! (And it reminds the Americans near you of what's important.)


  1. 1. that wasn't very nice, thank you for the Whitney make-up
    2. in the 80's before the fall of the Berlin Wall, John served in West Germany; retreat and to the colors played on Army installations at 5 pm to end the duty day. everyone in uniform and out of uniform stopped, got out of vehicles, stood at attention or reverently, and then returned to whatever they were doing. It was amazing to see EVERYONE stop on a dime. Being abroad for years made for an emotional return to the States-- I cried tears of joy to see the eastern seaboard...and stepping off the ladder onto the tarmac was truly a homecoming. It changed forever the way I respond to the National Anthem.
    3. You actually SING it in front of a crowd? You continue to surprise me.
    4. I love this country that has taken in my family and me. Thanks for being such a staunch supporter of our troops, our country, and the ideals upon which it was built.
    5. You need a bigger warning label on that first video. just sayin.

  2. Maria,
    Thanks for sharing your patriotism here. I have added an UPDATE to the post.

  3. Hilarious. those poor people. what a mess....

    'course, I wouldn't even attempt it. when God was handing out musical talent, I stood in the sno-cone line.


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