Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fun Quotient - AKA the Smile Zone

Somewhere in my late thirties I realized that I am one darn serious person.  I hear its a malady often attributed to first-bornism (which I am) and certain temperaments (which I also have.)  But despite the curious and intense intersection of these qualities in my soul, God has given me a very definite baritone belly laugh when I find things funny.  (And thanks to a certain post-operative muscle repair, I can even send my mid-section into a veritable spasm.  But now we're getting into information that is probably way beyond... well, the kind of stuff that my young adult children would label as TMI accompanied by an eyeroll.)

The point is, and there was a point, given who and what I am, I need regular injections of levity and gigglelyness to combat the inherent negativity that sometimes clouds my positive vision.

And may I say that I'm so glad I am a Christian, because everything good about my character is an accidental of pure grace... So the major league point here is that I know my crabby-factor tendencies and hormone-induced edginess are always better mitigated by raising the fun quotient in my life.  And so, I will endeavor to continue to raise the fun quotient around here, and strive to occasionally have links to things that bring me joy.

God knows we all could use more joy in the world, amen?

Gratuitous dog video since I am a Boston Terrier owner.

UPDATE: This just in!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Thanks for a smile today. I'm sanguine/choleric. Too sanguine, maybe :)Like a ridiculous 96%. What could that 4% choleric be doing for me? Ha!

    At least I know that among all the famous sanguines, I am in the same category as Tigger.

    Thanks for the break.


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