Saturday, May 5, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 5.5.12... obedience, grace, May crownings, NFP, tweens online...

Among Women ReadHER 5.5.12

Obedience: The Dirtiest Word in America
By Julie Davis at Happy Catholic
Take and read and consider it carefully.

Credo: Mary Eberstadt
By Liz Essley at Washington Examiner
Mary Eberstadt briefly gives a history lesson on why women are not as happy as they once were, a premise from her new book Adam and Eve After the Pill.

Brandon Vogt's Interview with author Dawn Eden on healing from sexual abuse. 
Posted at The Thin Veil
(Blog post and video) Speaking of books, Dawn's latest book, My Peace I Give You, is addressed in this interview (15 mins.)

Kristen Walker: Fearless, Funny, and Pro-Life
By Jennifer Fulwiler at National Catholic Register
So good to hear clear voices in the pro-life cause.

How to Plan a May Crowning for Kids
By Lacy Robideau at Catholic Icing
Great activity! Every Catholic child should have a memory of a May crowning in their life. 

If You've Been Looking for a Sign
By Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience
Christian author Ann Voskamp talks grace, graffiti, gifts.

How to Ruin Your Marriage Using NFP
By Simcha Fisher at her blog National Catholic Register
Seriously fun and very worthwhile.

The Endearing Name of Mommy
By Susan Terbay at Catholic Mom
Oh. Wow. This is so me... the Mom of young adults looking back on the Mommy years.

A Rose for My Mother
By Bishop Libasci of Manchester, NH
Funny, sweet, and serious memoir and tribute to the Blessed Mother. (Elsewhere, I'm doing some talking of my own about Mary and the Hail Mary here, and about my varied nicknames for Mary here.)

Tweens Secret Lives Online
By Katherine Rossman at the Wall Street Journal
Got tweens? Teens? Pre-tweens? Don't miss this.

Legal Scholar Helen Alvare gives a great talk on Religious Freedom and Sexual Liberation. I highly recommend your listening and digesting this content. Please share this video link with others. 

And finally, one of the coolest events in the Archdiocese of Boston every year that is touching our young adults...

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