Saturday, May 19, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 5.19.12 ...the lite version (referring to the # of articles, NOT the content)

Blogging will be light this week as my daughter graduates and I tend to family, but I wanted to pass along these finds from the past week. 

Among Women ReadHER 5.19.12

In Celebration of the Feminine Genius
By Emily Stimpson at Our Sunday Visitor
Well put, with good reference works in the side bar. Also this piece by Emily Stimpson: Catholic Women in Their Own Words.

Live the Law of the Gift
By Kathryn Lopez at K-Lo at Large at Patheos
A highly excerpted review of Cardinal Timothy Dolan's Commencement Address last weekend at Catholic University of American in Washington, DC. Very good.

Love Both Conditional and Unconditional
By Father Robert Barron at Word on Fire
This is an audio podcast version of Fr. Barron's amazing sermon from last Sunday. Do listen. Consider subscribing to the podcast he puts out every week. It will really boost your faith.

The Face of Attachment Parenting
By Elizabeth Foss at her Real Learning blog
The best response by far to the TIME magazine cover that caused a stir with an full frontal photo of a mother nursing an older toddler. Elizabeth is one of the wisest women in the mothering circles. One day I hope to meet her in person to thank her for all I've "read" of her for years. I did have the delight of talking to her, together with Danielle Bean, for this AW podcast a while back.

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