Saturday, May 26, 2012

Among Women ReadHER 5.26.12 Pentecost check in, Catholic lawsuits, Sibs, Silent no more...

Among Women ReadHER

Why We are Fighting (and Filing): Setting the Record Straight
By Emily Stimpson at
Reminders about the HHS Mandate fight and the Catholic institutions that are taking up the charge in court.

Cardinal Dolan of NY, Cardinal Wuerl of DC, and 40 Other Catholic Institutions Sue Obama Administration 
Posted at
This is almost old news, but read it in case you've been out of touch this week.

Surprise! MSM Ignoring Catholic Lawsuits Against the Government
By Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress
A more recent take on the subject above.

15 Years and Silent No More
By Kat Fernandez at The Crescat
Powerful, poignant, memoir of another woman who regrets abortion.

The Norm of Co-Habitation
By Bernard Toutounji at
A look at this phenomenon and how not to co-habitate strengthens a relationship prior to marriage.

Sibling Revelry
By Rachel Balducci at Faith and Family
A great perspective on the gift of siblings through the years.

Simcha Fisher this week with a two-part knock-out punch (um, in a good way.)
Over at her blog at National Catholic Register...
Part 1: Is This What Abstinence-Only Education Looks Like?
Part 2: What SHOULD We Tell Our Kids about Sex

Career vs Baby Making
Posted by Julie Robison at A Corner with a View
An 8-min. video on the "window" of having one's own children... The video is not by Julie herself, but another woman. However, if you'd like to hear Julie, check her out on AW 132 and 133 with "The Bright Maidens."

The Great Pentecost Mass Check-In
By Lisa Hendey at Catholic Mom. com
A fun and easy way to talk up Sunday's Mass for Pentecost. And while you're at Catholic Mom, admire the new website upgrade.

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