Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poetry keeps showing up in my mailbox...

sunlight splashes through the fall leaves, 

illuminating them in golden radiance

while dancing with delight. 

each leaf sings a joyful song

 to celebrate the sun.
I just love the idea that each leaf might have its own song... its own melody that springs from its depths. And I just delight in this final aging leaf that has twilight illuminating its veins.

My thanks to Maria Johnson for sending along her poetry. She is one of those insta-poets. She-sees-it-feels-it-writes-it. It is a spontaneous gift she has; I just dig it. 

These are just a few of the autumn leaves I found on my rosary walk this afternoon... the first sunny afternoon after much rain... I know this is why God made New England... to grace us with signs of his beauty and grandeur in his gifts of creation... even in something as ordinary as a little decaying leaf. 


In other news, my mother, who still believes in the value of snail mail, sent me a few clippings that she collected... among them, this poem that follows. I hope you like it. It's a little bit like something you'd read in a greeting card, but I know many people on my prayer list who can relate to this sentiment at the moment.

The Gift of Tears
by David G. Mulvey*

"And you, Creature-in-My-Image,
I shall bless you with the Gift of tears!"
Thus God spoke, and humankind
Has questioned ever since:
"Why, my God, curse us with the pain and
Hurt of crying? It is too hard to bear!"

"Tears when you are hurting help release
The pain, my child;
They wash the selfishness from
Deep within your soul.
Tears make you aware of your
Deepest human emotions - liked and unliked;
They drain your arrogance and total
Self-reliance, and call you close to Me."

"Tears when you are overwhelmed with joy
Accentuate the joy you hold;
They make visible the depth of 
Feelings that you are capable of.
Tears wash others in your joy,
Spilling over within their very souls;
They water and nourish your Trust and 
Faith in Me, the Source-Of-All-Good."

"See, My Child, that tears truly
Are a Gift, both in Sorrow and in Joy!"
And when God spoke, humankind, insight gained,
Questioned less, but not for the last...
"But you, Creature-in-My-Image,
I have blessed with the Gift of Tears!"

*I tried to find some website, book or blog that referenced this writer's work, but to no avail. 

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