Saturday, October 29, 2011

Among Women ReadHER 10.29.11... motherhood, confession, prayer, gratitude, singing & more

Among Women ReadHer

Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace
By Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope spoke in Assisi this week with many varied religious leaders -- Christian, non-Christian, and agnostics -- and this is the text of his only talk. It is very readable. Consider giving it your attention and note his analysis of the intersection of spiritual realities (or their lack) with all sides of life.

The Fellowship of the Unashamed (note, this opens to a .pdf)
By Patrick Madrid, at
First read this in Magnificat, and checked it out at Patrick's website. Something worth praying on, doncha think?

Donating My Hairshirt
By Lisa Schmidt at The Practicing Catholic
Got annoyances in human form? 

Showing Our Gratitude in Our Tweets
By Maria Johnson, guest post at
This has been a fun and enriching way to start the day. I've only been at it a couple weeks. If you tweet, check it out. (You can follow Maria Johnson on Twitter: @bego , or me @PatGohn .)

Fr. Z's 20 Tips for Making a Good Confession
By Fr John Zuhlsdorf at his blog WDTPRS?
To-the-point, easy-to-remember suggestions. H/T Lynn Wehner.

10 Ways to Pray Without Ceasing
By Colleen Spiro at
Add one of these ways to your daily duties!

How to Pray Badly
By Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic
Out of the park, Marc! 

Couple Married 72 years Dies Holding Hands
By Deacon Greg Kandra at The Deacon's Bench

For Happy Children, Put Your Marriage First
By Mary Beth Hicks at Family Events
While not a Catholic periodical, I have found Mary Beth's content at Family Events universally solid and grounded in Christian virtues and the moral law. It's free to subscribe.

If You Quit You Can't Blame God
By Patrice Fagnant MacArthur at
We've all been there. Then what? Thanks Patrice! (Who has been a previous guest on AW 6!)

Saintly Soda for All Saints Day
By Lacey Rabideau at Catholic Icing
Fun idea! And Lacy lets you copy her idea! Lacey was a guest on the podcast, back on AW 90 -she's got great stuff!

Saint-o-Lantern Link Up
By the contributors at Catholic Cuisine
More Halloween and All Saints Day Fun -- great photos!

Are You Working Too Much?
By Kathy Schiffer at Seasons of Grace
Fun video... especially if you type/keyboard for your living...

You Gotta Have Friends
By Rachel Balducci at Faith and Family Live
So true. You know who you are thinking of. Go call her.

The Church Has Three New Saints
By Vatican Radio at
2 men, 1 woman, (whom we'll be profiling on a future AW)

Here's the legacy of an amazing Catholic Mom:

Read the story of Emmanuel's Catholic Mom Moira.

Finally, here's something cool that I really like. If you like what we do at Among Women, then you can trust me, just do this.

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