Saturday, October 1, 2011

Among Women ReadHER 10.1.11... prayer help, joy, CNMC and more!!

Among Women ReadHer
Feast of St Therese of Lisieux

I'm in Kansas City! Watch/follow the Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC), going on today on SQPN (look for a live u-stream feed) and follow along on twitter at #cnmc11.
Pray for me, I'm presenting after lunch!

Where is Your Joy?
--Heather King at Shirt of Flame
This is the same Heather King who recently shared about her love of St Therese of Lisieux, whose feast day we celebrate. Hear that AW podcast here.  And no, this post does not mention St. Therese at all, but it is the kind I think she would have delighted in.  

--The web team at
Totally fascinating short video.

Within the Clutch
--Elizabeth Scalia, at First Things
Despite being in the opposite dugout as a Red Sox fan, I appreciate the way Elizabeth spins a yarn of how the blessings of baseball keep us sane when chaos strikes our life and we hope for better outcomes.

When Good Teachers Make Bad Judgments
--Rebecca Teti at Faith and Family Live
A great discussion going on in the post and combox regarding a tawdry book assigned by a high school teacher, and what a parent might or might choose to do about it. There are many levels to this discussion. Worth a read.

A Catechist's Story, Part 1, Stage Fright
--Lisa Mladinich at Patheos
Speaking of teachers, I bet some of you might teach religious education in some shape or form. This is a good article, but what I really love is Lisa's description of Mary's "rescue" of her by sending women of influence to touch her life. You can hear Lisa's 'reversion' story back on AW 43.

Improving Your Prayer
--Sr. Laus Gloriae, OCD at Catholic Education Resource
A good one! Straight talk, helpful guidance.

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