Friday, April 13, 2012

October Baby Playing This Weekend in Massachusetts

October Baby comes to MA theatres this weekend after gaining ground in popularity with its early releases elsewhere in the country.

You may recall a post I wrote about bringing this story to the screen last fall.

I saw the film recently and it definitely has a story line that will appeal to teens and adults with a PG-13 rating. I'd give it three out of five stars for some of its dialog is a bit sappy and disconnected in a few places. Still, it has some interesting story elements concerning the heroine, Hannah, a young college student who finds out her health problems are indicative of her traumatic birth. More specifically, she is the survivor of a "failed" abortion and was later adopted by the parents who raised her.

There's a sweet and chaste romantic back story that parallels the young heroine's search for information about her birth mother, after she undertakes her quest for answers about her early life in a road trip with friends.

The screenplay is beautifully shot and most characters appealed to me on some level. While it might be considered a movie with a pro-life political and social agenda as it loosely resembles stories of survivors of abortion, it does not begin and end there. I found the most redeeming qualities of the film to be its themes of forgiveness.

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