Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheating Death and Growing in Gratitude -- a heck of a thanksgiving post

Grateful that I've been over at Patheos for well over a year now!

Here's the opening to my latest column at A Word in Season:

In a nanosecond I saw my life pass before my eyes as an on-coming out-of-control Camaro crossed into my lane. I did all I could to avoid the impact, while thinking…  
 “Oh, God, this is how I’m gonna die.” 
But then I didn’t. The pulverizing sound of the crash was less frightening that the thought of what we would look like afterward. The little economy car was totaled. Despite a severe whiplash and bruises, I managed to get out from behind the crooked dash, unbuckle the children in the back seat -- crying and shaken but okay -- and walk away.
That day, and for weeks after, I grew in gratitude for the preciousness of life amidst harrowing flashbacks and “what if’s?”
Here's the rest.

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