Saturday, November 12, 2011

Among Women ReadHER 11. 12. 11... war on women, grateful tweets, internet's influence & more

Among Women ReadHer

What I Am Never Going to Tell You
By Elizabeth Foss at her blog, In the Heart of my Home.
This is such an important post by a very wise mother, Elizabeth Foss: even "great" parenting does not guarantee that our children will live lives that reflect our faith and values. (My two cents: Loving children despite their free will is the toughest job parents face... Witness the forgiving father in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Some may one day return to a Christian walk, and some may not.)

The Real War on Women
By Kathryn Jean Lopez
No nonsense, straight talk. Lopez never preaches. Just states it very plainly.

The Personhood Initiative: Mississippi Voters Fail A Reality Check
By Phil Lawler on
We need more discussion on the subject of personhood as a path to promoting the culture of life.

All That We Behold is Full of Blessing -- Wm. Wordsworth
By Maria Johnson
I've been a #gratefultweeter, following the lead of folks like Maria and @MattSwaim... I recommend #gratefultweeting... it can be a form of evangelism, offering a smile rather than a frown to twitter news feeds. There's another take on this, here.

Parents: Beware the Dangers of Peer Orientation
By Jennifer Fulwiler
This subject really resonates with me. As a former youth minister (in the years before my children came) it became very clear to me that parents needed to be the molders and shapers of conscience and perspective, and it their absence, other voices would fill the vacuum. (I write a little bit on the shaping of conscience in a child, this week at Catholic Mom.)

Virtually Pleasuring Ourselves Out of Existence
By Betty Duffy at Patheos
Very astute and challenging about the power of the internet's addictive pull. 

Fr Robert Barron discusses the new translation of the Roman Missal... (under 15 minutes.)

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