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Among Women ReadHER 4.28.12... converts, moms, daughters, and Stephen Colbert

Among Women ReadHER 4.28.12

A Letter to the Neophytes
By Dr. Timothy O'Malley from Oblation: Catechesis, Liturgy, and the New Evangelization 
An excellent read... for new Catholic converts, and the rest of us, frankly. If the joy of Easter is waning for you, this will jolt you back toward "Alleluia!"

How I Feel Out of My Mini-van and into My Identity
By Jennifer Fulwiler, book excerpt
This is a chapter excerpt from a new release, Style, Sex, and Substance, edited by Hallie Lord. You can dial back and listen to Hallie's visit to Among Women last year.

Stephen Colbert and Faithful Citizenship
By Katherine Schmidt at Archidiocese of Cincinnati
The role humor plays in getting important messages heard.

Why They Left
By William J. Byron and Charles Zech at America magazine
Just more ammo for why we need evangelization, and love... lots of love. Two professors with quotes from exit interviews regarding a study on why Catholics leave the Church. 

When "Sorry" Just Isn't Enough
By Rachel M at Catholic Sistas
A good start on what to say/do when someone faces miscarriage or baby loss. (Don't forget, Among Women recently had a two-part series on miscarriage.) 

The 30 Day Plan: Once a Month Cooking Can Be Easy and Fun
By Kate Wicker at Catholic Mom
So says Kate Wicker, and I usually love her cooking posts elsewhere. Hear Kate talk about her recent book, Weightless, on Among Women 107. 

Keep Laughing, Keep Listening, Keep Loving
By Marcia Morrissey at Patheos
Are we talking too much and not hearing God? Good one, Marcia! 

Calling a Truce between Mother-Daughter Conflict
By Elizabeth Bernstein in the Wall Street Journal
Dealing with adult - adult child relationship... some good tips here. The best advice? Ask what your daughter needs help with...

A great podcast with Dr. Meg Meeker and Dr. James Dobson on the subject of "Strong Fathers and Strong Daughters" - A Catholic pediatrician and an Evangelical Christian psychologist weigh in on this important topic.

Speaking of daughters, a little girl grows up before our eyes in this extraodinary video:
H/T Deacon Greg at The Deacon's Bench.

And one for road... this one for all the mothers... (yes, this is ultimately a Proctor and Gamble commercial, but very well done.)

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