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Among Women ReadHER 4.21.12... love, brides, nfp, facebook, blogs & more

Among Women ReadHER 4.21.12

Love Desires to Know the Beloved
By Randall Smith at The Catholic Thing
This is brilliant. We cannot love what we do not know. A "must read" for anyone who is trying to not just think about faith, or "be spiritual", but actually go deeper and live the faith. 

America's Crisis of Character
By Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal
Read it. Decide in advance not to panic, but to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. (See Micah 6:8.)

The Resurrection of Our Bodies
By Christopher West at Theology of the Body Institute
Short, but power-packed catechesis here. (FWIW, in a similar vein, here is my article on the same theme from last week at Amazing Catechists.)

Here Comes the Catholic Bride
By Lori Hadesek Chaplin at National Catholic Register
Shopping for a bridal gown? Some options and opinions here worth a look.

The Bride Who Was Groomed for a Career
By Lea Singh at Mercator
This packs a punch, that is worth deep consideration by women of all ages. Nothing speaks more loudly to us than the voice of experience. This will dare you to scrutinize your own life in terms of the way you've spent it. Your feminine genius may call out to you in this, so be forewarned, your mileage may vary. 

The End of Women
By Carolyn Moynihan
If that last article got your attention, you probably should read this one. These are exactly the themes that a new feminism proposed by the Church needs to address.

By Michelle Boorstein at Washington Post
This headline is slightly misleading, but lots of content on the subject of Natural Family Planning and its attraction or rejection by women (especially Catholic or Christian women) who might use it or reject it.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?
By Stephen Marche in The Atlantic
Loneliness, narcissism, isolation, connections... lots of food for thought here. Loved this line: "...we are left thinking about who we are all the time, without ever really thinking about who we are." Important words for a Christian to consider.

Divine Mercy
By Amy Welborn at Charlotte Was Both
A beautiful memoir of saying goodbye to your parents' house and the memories there. 

A Beautiful Love Story
By Jill Joiner at Echoes of the Cross at Patheos
Another more brief slice-of-life post that reflects the power of real love. A piece from last month that I must have missed, but worth the read.

The Mystery of Motherhood
By Sherry Boas at Catholic Mom
This one needed a "love" button for facebook.

Life After Lesbianism
By Dawn Wilde at LifeSite News
A very brave post, and one we need more of, frankly. 
(This is an issue I'd like to address on Among Women, but as yet, have not found a guest willing to talk about the subject. If any of you have any insight or resources on this subject, send me a private email at  

Dateline Series Proves What We Don't Know About Kids
By Mary Beth Hicks at a Family Events
Some very good help for parents here.

A Prayer Campaign for the Protection of Religious Freedoms
Posted at the USCCB
The US Bishops are calling us to pray for the protection of religious liberty in the US, and offer prayer card for our use. You'll also find bulletin announcements and other resources on this page.

Watch a 4 minute video featuring Bishop William Lori describing forming consciences on faithful citizenship. From the USCCB.

Test of Fire: Election 2012
Posted by Bishop Christopher Coyne (of Indianapolis) at Thoughts of a Catholic Bishop
Recommended by Bishop Coyne, it describes our duty to know the issues and to vote in the Nov. election.

Mother, May We Fight for Freedom?
Posted by Kathryn Lopez at K-Lo at Large
K-Lo posts the entire text of Mother Agnes Mary Donovan from Sisters for Life, and her stirring speech/reflection at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this week.

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