Thursday, April 19, 2012

30 years ago today...

Can it be that l-o-n-g ago?

He proposed.

I said yes.

At the time he asked, there was no ring. We were both broke college seniors set to graduate. The ring came a bit later. It was a happy memory, picking it out together.

We got married 6 months later.

Still got the ring...

But more importantly, we've still got each other.

St Peter's Square, Rome, 2011
Did I tell you this cool guy is taking me to France in a few months? Back to Paris for a third time and then off to Lourdes to give thanks to Momma Mary for 30 years, and oh, so much more. 
(Um, yes he is a frequent flyer and our travel is one of the only benefits of our being apart.) 
(And yes he really is a foot taller than me.) 
(Today in the world's news there is sadness, for the footnotes for this date in history contain anniversaries to many sad events. But to us, it remains the day we got engaged. And we remember that in the end, there are three things that last... faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.)


  1. Goodness! 30 years! Fantastic! Happy Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'm thankful for your 30 years together, because they are a testament to those of us in the trenches with far fewer years. :)

  3. Yes, there are many sad anniversaries with this date, but this is also the day God gave us our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI - seven years ago. One more reason to give thanks for this day - congratulations, Pat, to you and your dear husband!

  4. The only thing that beats the adorable level of cute in this post is how cute you are together :)


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