Saturday, May 21, 2011

Among Women ReadHer... A new weekly feature here at Among Women

In honor of our two years together and our forthcoming 100th episode, I thought the blog should grow a bit.

Many of you know that I write and read an awful lot. Almost to a fault. That comes from the kind of work that I do. But many of you have busy weeks, and have little time to comb the Catholic news and blogosphere leisurely. I've long had a "reader" in the sidebar for sharing stuff I find interesting on the web, as well as a blogroll. I'll still keep them, but I want to tailor a weekly listing of articles and/or "finds" on the web that are specifically geared for the women who listen to the podcast and read the blog. They may relate to topics we've covered on Among Women, or they may relate to the spiritual life, or women's issues in general.

Anyway, I'm gonna give it a go. I don't expect it to be a large post with many links like New Advent or The or any of those big gun content aggregators. It'll just be some stuff that benefits us girls.

If you find any articles, etc, of benefit, I'd ask that you send them along either in the combox, or send them to my email:

So here we go...

Among Women ReadHer

Christ in the Workplace - Rebecca Teti
Don't miss the discussion in the comments underneath the blog post -- very good insights from women in the workplace. This post is a response to this study recently done by the USCCB: Women's Spirituality in the Workplace

The Three Temptations of Facebook - Jennifer Fulwiler

What Does the Marriage Want? - Deacon Greg Kandra

California Bill Respects the Authority of Parents - Mary Beth Hicks

Jerry Lewis Retires from Telethon - The Anchoress
Pay attention to the links at the bottom from my pal Maria Johnson's blog.

A Post-Abortive Mothers Agony - Dr. Gerard Nadal, PhD

To Bikini or Not to Bikini - THAT is the question! - Elizabeth Esther
Yes, I'm in the comments, giving my "No BS" rule for clothing buying.

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