Saturday, September 11, 2010


Bruce's Springsteen's video is here because it tells the story of a fireman who rushes into one of the Twin Towers buildings on the morning of 9/11. Its not the best performance of this song, but it had lyrics that you can follow.

9/11 by the numbers: this is devastating.

Find out about the 9/11 Memorial being built in New York. Contributions are taken there too.

Find out the 9/11 Memorial at Logan Airport in Boston.

Photos released this past year of the event by a NYC police office who flew in a helicopter that fateful day.  These are old, and still riveting.

A moving letter and presentation from the brother of John Ogonowski, the AA pilot from Dracut, north of Boston -- his plane was the first hit into WTC.

Mary Yolanda Dowling: My mother's friend who died in the WTC towers.

4 widows tell their stories in New Yorker magazine.

And old post from an old blog, about where I was that day.

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  1. Wow, Pat.
    I was at work at church (youth minister's asst -what of the children was on my mind all day and in the coming days). I had just missed mass, and was brewing coffee for the folks when I heard the first news report -- by the time we had pulled out a tv the second plane hit. We stood in stunned silence, unable to process what we were watching, live, and reliving it as people started joining us in the administration hall of the parish after mass. We are a small community, and on any given day the chapel is open, but not the larger church which we opened to accommodate the constant stream of people coming in that morning...people I didn't recognize...people who were probably not even Catholic but knew we were open and needed a safe harbor, if you will. The world tilted on that day....


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