Monday, September 27, 2010

Another prelate heard from on this blog today

First we had Benedict, (see post under this one) and now this time it's from Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York . Bishop Dolan's counsel?  Eat dinner together as a family!  Here's a snippet:
Dr. Califano's evidence is far from anecdotal. Just ask him, and he'll show you the research to prove that a family that sits down together for a meal on a regular, consistent basis, is more united, civil and peaceful. The children have better grades, stay longer in school and are statistically less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol and tobacco; they are more likely to hold jobs and stay out of trouble. 
I guess we Catholics should hardly be surprised at all by all of this. Most of us 50 and over can recall that supper together as a family was rather routine and taken for granted, with Sunday dinner the most significant. We know as well that the Sunday meal—the Mass—of our supernatural family, the Church, is indispensable for our fidelity to Jesus and His Church.
Read and digest the whole thing here.

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  1. I agree! I think it's also vitally important for the family to have discussions about faith as the children are growing up. The faith has to be lived and talked about in the family if it's going to stick in the kids.


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