Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I have not posted on The CNMC

Photo of me, courtesy of Jeff Geerling, minutes after the conference ended... as I said goodbye to the folks on the tall trolley bus headed back to Boston.

You'd think, having been the local conference coordinator for the Catholic New Media Celebration, (CNMC), I'd be the first to post wildly about the success of the event. I have not... and there are good reasons for this.  People have been emailing and FBing me saying stuff like "hope you are relaxing now" or "enjoy the summer".  Fat Chance!

1. I've been ridiculously busy doing a few mopping up post CNMC- chores, and having to do actual work that I put aside in the 3 weeks leading up to CNMC, and as they say... payback is a... well, maybe its better said like this: first you play, then you pay.

2. So many fine folks are already posting amazing recaps, you don't need one from me. Let me point you to the official recaps we find at SQPN at this page.  Go enjoy the CNMC talks recorded on U-Stream here.

3. I have had a host of personal family obligations that needed my direct attention and participation.

4. I am in a CEU course on adult faith formation, and the nice prof let me out of class for a bit, now I'm back and a bit behind in my work... um, more than a bit.

5. There was a podcast, and some articles, that needed tending to immediately.

6. Believe it or not, another future conference coordination job needed some attention as well.

7. And heck, there was laundry to do too!

However, I am planning on fully relaxing and engaging the family this weekend, when my long lost (read: recently moved out of state) son returns home for a little family reunion. And my hubby comes home from his third conference in as many weeks. So, please keep the Gohn clan in your prayers as we seek to become acquainted with one another!

Thanks to everyone who helped my CNMC a memorable event:  the SQPN board and affiliate podcasters, the speakers, the Archdiocese of Boston, Catholic TV, our many sponsors, and the great volunteers who cheerfully said "YES" to me whatever I asked of them.... you all have taken up a great deal of real estate in my heart, and are in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Pat, thank you so much for all your work on the conference! It was great to meet you in "real" life!

  2. Pat, thank you again for all the marvelous work you did to make CNMC happen. I know it wouldn't have been had it not been for you.

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend with your family.

  3. It's not like you have a life or anything :)

    You're the best! Enjoy the "peace."


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