Monday, August 9, 2010

In my Inbox today: The Catholic Mass

Here's a day brightener found first thing this morning via email, courtesy of my sister Pam:


  1. This is great, Pat! 9th Grade RE at my parish is all about the Mass this year. This will make a great kick-off video.

  2. Something happened with Blogger today, and I had trouble posting this comment from Marc:

    Hi Pat! Thanks for the post. This does make you think. I like the idea of sin as loving what God hates (of course, Catherine of Siena is no slouch).

    It made me think of a discussion going Mark Shea's NCR blog a few days ago about the Church designating certain things, like eating meat on Fridays, as mortal sin and then changing that. Some people were upset about that. But if you think of the Church as helping us to understand how to love what God loves and hate what God hates, that makes more sense. And, the Church continues to refine the expression of that for the culture and the times.

    (Marc, if you read this... feel free to leave another comment!)

  3. Wow, Pat, that was made of so much awesome! Have to share :)


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