Friday, August 13, 2010

This makes me think...

That I love you is not a question. 

I, God, love you passionately because I am love itself.  

I love you all the time because I want to be loved passionately Myself.  I love you forever because I'm eternal. My love has no end, and My love has no beginning, either.

---Mechthild of Magdeburg, (1208-1282) The Flowing Light of the Godhead

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  1. Mary writes:

    Hi Pat, Thank you for this beautiful and true offering. Along the same lines, I was reading this morning in the Magnificat a quote from Gabriel Marcel: “‘to be is to be loved.’ The creature exists because it has been loved.” Or as I like to say from some other quote somewhere, God loved us into existence. The idea of evolution leaves people with the feeling that no one cares on a cosmic level whether they were born or not. They have no sense of purpose or reason to exist. They are a cosmic accident. Not to get into the whole debate over evolution, but it’s such a tragedy that humanity has lost this vital connection to their Creator. A tragedy of real proportions because it leads to despair. How amazing. We despair because we don’t know that we are because we are loved by love Itself. One of my favorite movies is “The Fifth Element” for many reasons, but how does the Fifth Element save the world? Because she finally knows love, (albeit, from Bruce Willis who’s not exactly God, although he’s close. Just kidding.) But the truth is there. Pure hatred and evil is destroyed by love. Hurrah!! Let’s allow God to love us. Tear down the barriers and open our hearts, minds and wills to Him who is all love, Who loved us first. And our little lights shine dimly in reflection of the Son.
    Warm regards, Mary


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